Máy Siết Đai Ốc Hi-Force SBT

Máy Siết Đai Ốc Hi-Force SBT

Máy Siết Đai Ốc Hi-Force SBT

  • Mã SP:SBT
  • Giá bán:Liên hệ

Capacities from 457 to 2649 kN
Maximum working pressure 1500 Bar
Spring assisted piston retraction

The SBT imperial range of hydraulic bolt tensioners, offers all of the features and benefits of our standard STS range (see pages 102 and 103), but with the added feature of spring assisted return hydraulic pistons. Designed primarily for topside operation, this additional spring return piston feature will reduce
bolt tensioning cycle times considerably, as the tensioner pistons will automatically start to retract, after the hydraulic pressure is released. The range currently comprises of 22 models, suitable for standard size bolts from 1 to 4” diameter.
The versatility of the SBT bolt tensioner range, is identical to our standard STS range, with a variety of interchangeable threaded pullers and nut rotating sockets available, either as bolt size conversion kits or individual parts. Further details on SBT imperial conversion kits are detailed on pages 96 & 97. All SBT bolt tensioners are designed and manufactured with a wear coated piston, maximum stroke indicator, self energising high pressure seals, dual quick connect couplers, for easy multiple tensioner hook up and operate at pressures up to 1500 Bar maximum. 

  • Nitrocarburised piston
  • Maximum piston stroke indicator
  • Spring assisted return
  • User friendly operating and maintenance procedure


GỌI NGAY 090 24 25 111 

Thiết bị thủy lực, công nghiệp hàng đầu tại Việt Nam

Địa chỉ: 05 Đường 518, P Phú Hữu, TP Thủ Đức, Tp HCM

Hotline: 090 24 25 111

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