Sub sea bolt tensioners - metric

Hydraulic sub sea tensioners, perform assembly bolts under the bolt tensioning method achieving synchronization and high precision.

Sub sea bolt tensioners - metric

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Hydraulic sub sea bolt tensioners. Download catalog

Working pressure 1500 Bar
Interchangeable quickfit/release pullers
Load cell with integral bridge
Hi-Force STU series sub-sea bolt tensioners are designed and manufactured to suit the demanding requirements of divers operating in harsh sub-sea environments. With an easy to operate two piece design comprising of a quick fit/release threaded puller and a hydraulic load cell with integral bridge and an extra long 30mm piston stroke to reduce re-setting operations. Hi-Force STU series sub-sea bolt tensioners offer a consistent, reliable and cost effective method of tensioning sub-sea bolted joints. All hydraulic load cells are suitable for different thread sizes (see table below and on page 112) and interchangeable quick fit/release pullers can be ordered separately, as required, resulting in even greater flexibility and cost savings. 
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