Đầu Bấm Cos Hi-Force CH

Đầu Bấm Cos Hi-Force CH

Đầu Bấm Cos Hi-Force CH

  • Mã SP:CH
  • Giá bán:Liên hệ

Lựa chọn 7 models
Cung cấp hoàn chỉnh với bộ khuôn
Áp suất làm việc 700 Bar
The CH hydraulic cable crimping tool range offers 7 models with a choice of open “C” jaw or parallel guide design. All models are supplied complete with standard die sets and a carrying case. Models with 180° rotating head are designed for easy access into confined spaces. Suitable pump units include HP227FPC foot operated pump set which includes elbow fitting, gauge, gauge block, 3 metre hose and male coupler, as shown below. Standard hand operated pumps suitable for use with CH crimper heads can be found . All models, excluding CH1000N, are available as a complete kit, comprising of HP227FPC,CSB1 metal storage case and selected crimping tool with die sets.

  • Model CH21 is suitable for crimping non-insulated terminals up to 240mm²
  • Models CH30, CH32 & CH40 are suitable for crimping connectors up to 400mm²
  • Models CH63 & CH80 are suitable for crimping connectors up to 630mm²
  • Model CH1000N is suitable for crimping distribution and transmission lines up to 1000mm² 


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